The Divorce Doctor

Dr Sue Palmer-Conn PhD C.Psychol.

I am so glad you found me

I assume that because you’re here you are thinking about divorce and need support to decide whether to make up or break up, or you are now facing divorce, or you have recently signed divorce papers and are on the road to recovery. I’ve been in your shoes. I understand the rollercoaster of emotions you are facing. You may feel confused about money, career, retirement, housing and maybe even parenting. You are facing a steep learning curve and your emotions are raw. I bet your head is spinning with all the decisions you are being asked to make

A Divorce Coach can help

As a Certified Divorce Coach and Master Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I am able to help clients make the best decisions at each stage of their divorce journey.

At the make up or break up stage, I can support you to make an informed decision which is the right one for you.

During the divorce process I will help you focus on the business of divorce from building a strong support team to becoming an incredible client for your legal and financial advisors to minimise the pain and the cost of divorce.

Once the divorce papers have been signed I will work with you to build your new identity, find your passion and purpose and build a new exciting life as a strong independent woman who is ready to fly solo.

I’d love to work with you

As a Divorce Coach, my role is as a confidante, a sounding board, a thinking partner and a professional friend that will help bring clarity to your divorce journey through my background as a psychologist and an experienced health and wellness coach. I am available through telephone or video conferencing with clients around the globe. If you are anywhere on your divorce journey, especially if you are over 40, and want to find out more, you can find out more on the About and How we can help you pages. I’d love to set up a free confidential consultation call to see if i can help you.