Discernment Counselling

Are you a Couple in Conflict?

Do you want to make up, shake up or break up your relationship? Working with a qualified discernment counsellor can help you make the right decisions about your relationship at the right time. Unlike marriage guidance, we do not assume you are both at the same stage of your decision-making process.

In most couples in conflict, one partner is leaning out whilst the other is leaning into the relationship. If you go to marriage guidance, the leaning out partner will not be totally committed to working on the relationship problems as their concerns have not been aired. If you go straight to divorce, the leaning in partner will feel their feelings have not been honoured. Discernment counselling is the bridge between the two extremes.

In discernment counselling, you will spend time looking at your role in the breakdown, airing your concerns to an impartial listener, and working on an agenda for personal change. It is a chance for both partners to air all their concerns and hopes for the future in a supported environment.

Discernment counselling opens up channels of communication at a deeper level that you’ve had for a long time. It explores stages of disconnection, it looks at love languages, both giving and receiving preferences, it looks at communication and conflict resolutions styles, and gives couples an opportunity to really think about the decision from a position of deeper understanding and expanded knowledge about themselves as individuals, as a couple and as a family.