Pre-Marriage Education

From the moment you say yes to the proposal you should be thinking about your marriage. Too many couples spend lots of time, money and effort planning the wedding day, but don’t take the time to plan their wedding. There are so many questions you should be asking each other before the wedding, if you are not going to become another divorce statistic.

Based on her best selling book, Plan the Marriage not just the Wedding, Sue welcomes engaged couples to explore every aspect of married life to avoid common pitfalls that can cause problems in a marriage.

Couples often spend months or even years and many thousands of pounds planning their big day, but spend very little time actually thinking about what will happen in the rest of their lives together.

A few churches still pay lip-service to life after marriage, but this is not comprehensive. The pre-marriage education classes helps couples to explore topics such as

  • communicating love
  • choices
  • cash and credit
  • conflict
  • care and compassion
  • careers
  • children
  • challenges
  • connections