Divorce Coaching

Divorce can be a lonely, stressful business. Making a professional divorce coach part of your divorce team can save you time, money and stress. Unlike a solicitor, divorce coaches don’t have billing targets to meet. They charge by the session not by the minute.

A divorce coach is your thinking friend and will walk down the path with you throughout your divorce journey. They are not legal or financial experts and therefore cannot give legal or financial advice. However, they have a vast amount of knowledge about the legal and financial systems and can help put you on the right track with valuable practical support and guidance. They will always refer you on to the right professional for your personal needs.

No matter at which stage of your divorce journey you come to see me, I have the expertise, knowledge and experience to be able to support and guide you for as long as you need me. Ive worked with over a thousand men, women, couples and their children getting great results for them.

I can help you decide if divorce is the right route for you, or whether trying to make another go of it is best. I can help you to plan the best route through the divorce minefield to get the best results for you, your children and your family. I can help you build a new life post divorce. Ive even worked with a couple embarking on a second marriage so they dont make the same mistakes again.