Bespoke Programmes

Divorce is the biggest expense you didn’t know you had. Employees going through divorce are under so much emotional, financial and legal stress they can lose 40% of their productivity. 90% of employees surveyed said they had no support from their employers during their divorce. 10% of people going through divorce leave their jobs. Can you afford to replace these employees?The average age of divorce is now 45+. We are talking about senior employees with many years’ experience. This makes replacing them even more expensive.


Through The Family Transition Company we can help you with

  • Raising awareness of the effects of divorce on individuals and your bottom line. Divorce costs UKPLC £54 billion every year. Can you afford to lose thousands or millions every year? 25000 people leave their jobs every year because of the stress of divorce.
  • Do you want to know how much divorce is coosting your company? We have a formula to work that out for you
  • Training Corporate Family Transition Champions to give professional support and guidance to employees, advise supervisors and managers of the needs of employees.
  • Offer a government-approved Family Transition Policy which will help organisations to accommodate for the needs for flexible working hours, parental leave for newly single parents, and dovetail into other family friendly policies. Divorce is a life event not a legal or mental health event.
  • Provide access to a library of useful documents
  • Provide access to directories of professional divorce coaches and family law professionals