How ready are you for divorce?

How ready are you for divorce?

If a divorce is (or maybe) part of your life, being prepared can make a huge difference. Take this quiz and find out how ready you are. Divorce is a complex process and has many facets.

  1. the legal end to the marriage
  2. the division of assets and liabilities
  3. the arrangements for the care and parenting of children under 18
  4. the emotional separation especially after a long marriage

Answer the following questions to find out how prepared you are for your divorce.

first name
mobile number
Which of these best describes you?
Is there any physical violence involved in your marriage??
Are you interested in working on your marriage?
Have you hired a lawyer yet?
Have either of you filed for divorce yet?
Do you have children under 18 living with you?
Do you and you spouse own your home ?
Do you and your spouse agree on who's going to get the house?
Do you and your spouse agree on the terms of buyout and refinance if necessary for whoever is getting the home?
do you have access to all of your financial information?
do you agree on whether one of you will pay spousal support, how much will be paid, and how long it will be paid for?
Have you and your spouse settled ALL of the property issues in your divorce, how you're going to divide everything, including debt?
Do you know what your next steps are?

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