Pre-Mediation Coach Training

With the new divorce laws, more couples are opting for mediation. However, for many couples, there is a power imbalance, which, with the help of a specialist coach, can be addressed by learning the skills necessary to make better informed decisions. Many mediators are now working with coaches to have coach-supported mediation. Qualifying as a Pre-Mediation Coach, will allow you to help and support your clients through their mediation.

Giving clients the BENEFIT of pre-mediation coaching

There are seven major skills that will help in decision making. By strengthening decision-making skills, clients can bring more stability to their own life and that of their children, if any. Many of these decisions may need to be made with a former spouse who may have temporary or long-term difficulty in making reasonable decisions. These skills will help clients cope regardless of the other person’s behaviour.

  1. Behaviour moderation – prevents defensiveness
  2. Emotional and Physical Intelligence– solution focused behaviour
  3. Negotiation – putting a strong case across
  4. Effective communication – listening to the other person and using non-inflammatory language
  5. Flexible thinking – option-generating techniques
  6. I prefer (assertiveness) – avoiding aggressive or passive behaviour
  7. Taking stock – remembering to use skills even under stress

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