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Because you’re here, I assume you are either at the stage of trying to make a decision to make up or break up, or you’ve made that decision and you’re facing the emotional rollercoaster of divorce, or you’ve signed the papers and are starting the recovery journey. I’ve been in your shoes. I understand the stresses and strains and emotional turmoils of all three stages and I can help you through it. At any stage, as well as your emotions being topsy-turvy, you may feel confused about your future, about your career or retirement plans, let alone how the children will cope with it all. The learning curve is steep. very likely you are not in the best headspace to make the decisions you are being asked to make.

A Divorce Coach can help

As a Divorce Coach, I help women at all stages of their divorce journey make decisions that are right for them and their family at the right time. During the makeup or breakup phase I can help you make an informed decision that is right for everyone. When facing the divorce process I can help you gather the right support team, gather the right information to be an incredible client for your legal and financial experts, and make decisions that are going to be best for you and your family. Once the divorce papers are signed I work with clients to help them build a new identity and build a new life as a strong independent woman.

I’d love to work with you

As a Certified Divorce Coach and a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach, I am a confidante, a sounding board and a professional friend. I will help bring clarity, passion and purpose to the whole journey through my background in psychology, emotional intelligence and passion mapping. I work via telephone and online video chats with clients around the globe. If you are at any stage of your divorce journey and want to know more, you can find more information and me and the services I offer on the Coaching  pages. I’d love to set up a free consultation session to see how best I can help you find your passion and purpose again.


My Divorce Story

In 2001 I got divorced at the age of 50 after 25 years of marriage. I got remarried at 54 to a wonderful man who came back into my life after 33 years.

I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 35 just as I was starting back to work as a part-time science and technology teacher after taking 7 years out to be a stay-at-home mum. I worked out a physical programme to help combat my symptoms, went on a healthy living diet then did a psychology degree to combat potential cognitive symptoms. I was bitten by the bug of studying and as it seemed to be helping keep my MS under control I went on to complete a PhD. However, my husband got himself a girlfriend because I was now more qualified than him and had the potential to be financially independent. Fragile male ego!!

My Recovery

Although emotionally traumatic, my divorce was fairly amicable. I got a job as a junior lecturer but I knew I wanted more. I found the only female senior academic at the university and asked her what I had to do to move up the ladder as quick as possible as I knew I had to earn enough to be able to keep the house for the boys. She gave me some great advice and a list of things I had to do as long as my arm. Over the next five years, one by one I ticked them off and got a series of promotions to become a senior manager.

My Plans

Over the last ten years I’ve been planning my much delayed retirement and have trained as a coach in a number of modalities: health and wellness, relationships, NLP, emotional intelligence, passion mapping Harmonizing Wellness and finally as a Certified Divorce Coach.

My aim for my retirement is to support women over 40 going through the trauma of separation and divorce throughout their journey to find renewed passion and purpose and create a new exciting life as a strong independent woman.

What next for you?

If you are trying to make the difficult decision of should I make up or break up I can help you make it in an informed and positive way to consciously re-couple and fall back in loveor consciously de-couple and separate in the most positive way possible.

If you have made the decision to divorce, I can help you put together a strong support team and become an incredible client for your legal and financial team coming from a position of knowledge and calm control to emerge with the right settlement for you and your family.

If you are already divorced but are struggling to make decisions about your future and cope with the emotional rollercoaster, I can help you find your passion and purpose and create a new and exciting future of empowered confidence.

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Award-Winning Divorce Coach

Voted Divorce Coach of the Year 2022 by Enterprise Vision Awards

Award-Winning Divorce Coach Divorce Coach of the Year 2022 (Entrepreneur Vision Awards) Woman Who Inspiring Journey Winner 2021 GTeX Expert of the Year 2021