Marriage Makeover Mastermind

Most marriage problems are brought about because of one of seven Cs.

Poor Communication

Too much Criticism

Broken Connection

Poor Conflict Resolution strategies

Lack of Commitment

Arguments about Cash or Credit

Disagreements about the Children

The Marriage Makeover Mastermind Modules can be done as single modules or as a whole programme. Each module has a number of audio or video lessons with a workbook that you can go through together or on your own. Working through this programme together can help you understand where things have gone wrong and give you tips to correct them and get you back on track.

In addition to the online course there is the opportunity to have coaching with me as a couple or as an individual or as a combination e.g. one session each then one as a couple then another individual session then a final session as a couple.

There is also an opportunity to complete a couples passion map during these sessions too. Price on application

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