Coaching Programmes

Couples Coaching Marriage Makeover

Are you at the stage of making a decision to makeup or breakup? Do you need help to make an informed decision? Working with a Certified Divorce Coach can help you make the right decision for you. The online programme helps you work on communication, connection and conflict resolution. One-to-one or one-to-couple coaching is also available

The Divorce Journey Your Thinking Partner

Divorce is not easy. There are many parts to it. The legal divorce, the financial divorce, the parenting divorce and the emotional and physical divorce. Working with a Certified Divorce Coach can not only help you with the emotional and physical part but can also prepare you and save you time, money and stress with the legal, financial and parenting parts of divorce.


FRESH Start Divorce Recovery

Divorce is not just an end, but is also a beginning. Enrolling on the FRESH start divorce recovery programme can help you build your new identity, plan your new life, and get you into new habits that create a lifestyle full of health and wellness. The FRESH Start programme works on not only your physical health, but also emotional, psychological, financial, career, spiritual and social health.